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PlanToBuild offers you features that keep your project as the main focus, while collaborating with others.
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Mobile access
Access your project and team members information from your smart-phone or tablet.
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All of your project data and contacts are secure with the latest industry standards, and encryption technology.
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Custom schedule
Create schedules for your project in a few steps. Multiple schedules can be created and sent to different project teams.
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Custom reports
Generate reports reflecting your projects progress. Customize them for different collaborators.
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Standard quality control
Make sure your products are being handled correctly on site by tracking conditions and product status.
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Task management
Assign tasks to members of your project to improve productivity and deliver projects ahead of schedule.

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Status tracker
Keep track of your product to manage project risks and to increase accountability.
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File management
Keep track of your files by organizing them in one location. Support for different file formats including DWG and DXF.
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Share files easily
Upload a file to the viewer and share the document with your project team instantly, or send the documents to members not in your project with a secure link.
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PDF viewer
Look at your files at any time with the online viewer. See who was working on the document and how they are progressing.
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All of your project files will be stored safely online and accessed by only your team members.
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Real time collaboration
Annotations on documents encourages communication, collaboration and feedback in real-time.
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